Updated Posting Schedule – What’s the Best Day to Post a Blog?

Normally, I schedule my posts to come out on Friday mornings, EST. Lately, I have been wondering if this is really the best time to post new material – when I look at my stats, I generally see most visits coming during the week, and beginning to drop off on Friday and staying lowest over the weekend. Even new posts don’t seem to bump the numbers too much.

As a result, I started doing some research into the best times to post new articles. I haven’t found a definitive and satisfactory answer. For instance, one post claims Tuesday and Wednesday are the best times to post, while another claims the weekend is the best time to post.

The second post is better – it contains some data and details of it’s methodology. However, I remain unconvinced. First, most of my readers don’t share me on facebook, and second, my own stats point to midweek as the high time for traffic. Personally, I also tend to read fewer posts over the weekend, as I try to focus on relaxing more and working less those days.

As a result, I have decided to start posting on Wednesday Morning around 9AM EST instead of Friday Mornings. Generally, I start thinking about posts a couple weeks in advance. Then I write them on Monday or Tuesday, and refine them the remainder of the week. I’ll have to revise my schedule, and either plan to do some writing over the weekends, or start writing earlier. Either way, if I see an improvement based on the changed posting schedule, I’ll be sure to share the results.

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