Directionally Challenged

I have to define my yearly goals for my company today. Every year I go through a cycle where I define my own personal goals, which has always been easy for me. This year, I barely have the motivation to accomplish even this simple task. What are my goals? To leave this job behind me. The only problem is – every path I have tried so far has not led me materially closer to that goal, so I remain stuck.

Recently, I have been feeling that perhaps there is a reason all my efforts fail to bear fruit – maybe I am just pushing myself down the wrong road. I’ve been meaning to write a post detailing all the methods I have discovered about leading an alternate lifestyle, ones which have worked for others and what I have adopted from each, but that post is for another day.

Instead, I have been thinking that I need to reset. Stop working on my side businesses, stop producing new products, or considering freelancing. I no longer know the answer to the question “If you had a billion dollars, what would you do with life?” The way I once did. The ideal life has changed. I no longer dream of starting and running a company.  In fact, I don’t really dream of anything.

What I really need is a nice long break, a break from the day to day. My job wears me down constantly, and leaves me barely any energy for myself. I keep trying to change, but every other job looks the same to me. Even my vacation is used up. I have 4 weeks now, but all of it will go to visiting family overseas, up north, or family events like weddings I feel obligated to attend. I can’t just quit – I am the only one working now and I barely have enough savings for a month of bill paying. So maybe next year I can take a week off to recharge, but it seems so far away.

Instead, I am setting aside time this weekend to find a new direction. Perhaps after this, I will forego IT or even technical work all together. It was once my passion, but I am no longer sure. Unless I redefine my dream and feel passionate about it, I don’t think I will be able to make any forward motion. At least if I had a long term goal to work for, like becoming a master craftsman, I would know if any given step would bring me closer or not.

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    • This is a good idea at any stage of… “development”. (Isn’t that what we’re always doing?) It helps to gain perspective of what you’re up to and why. The minutia of daily life can easily consume all your energy and keep you planning which direction you want to head. You don’t need a clean break from everything but you do need to spend a night taking time thinking things over. Your actions don’t always need to change, sometimes it’s just your frame of mind.

    • Francis, I totally agree. Sometimes, taking a break isn’t possible (in my case) but I can still take a mental vacation and stop trying so frantically. It helps.


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